Welcome to the current home of Albion Fuzz and Bohemials on the web. Come on in. Slightly empty, yes: all our stuff's been in storage since our change of address, but it's all there if you're willing to do some unpacking. (Mind you don't strain yourself, though: it's heavy.)

The what now?
It's a webcomic. Albion Fuzz began in July 2001, and continued (if you don't count hiatuses and the odd change of name) on a regular basis until the start of 2003. Reworked, it began again in March as Bohemials. It came to an end (of sorts) in December of that year. It originally ran on Keenspace, but, owing to befuddling problems, is (for) now download only.

The full Albion Fuzz and Bohemials archives.
About 18Mb. (My apologies to modem users.) Download, unzip into an empty directory, and enjoy.

For a taste:
Early Period (December 2001)
Middle Period (August 2002)
Late Period (July 2003)

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